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Texas Weather Tracker TV Weekly Programming

Texas Weather Live
Texas Weather Live is our flagship weathercast with
Chief Meteorologist William Cole.  Texas Weather Live gives you the most complete look at North Texas' ever changing weather and updated forecasts.
Monday - Friday Live at  9 am, Noon, 4 pm and 7 pm
Get your updated forecast for the week ahead with Meteorologist Copelon Wright and Weekendcast Sunday's at 5pm. 
Texas Weather Tracker TV is your weekend weather connection.  
Live Sunday 5 pm
Live Severe Weather Coverage
Anytime of the day or any day of the week. 
If there is Severe Weather, Winter Weather, Fire Weather or Breaking Weather in the txwxTV primary coverage area of North Texas - William Cole and our experienced team of storm trackers cover it LIVE on
Texas Weather Tracker TV.
Live as it Happens
Severe Weather Replay
Severe Weather Replay is an archive of past severe weather coverage on Texas Weather Tracker TV and Oklahoma Weather Tracker TV.  Join William Cole and our storm trackers in the field and relive these moments. 

Saturday's at 9 pm
Remodel Revolution
Combine renovation advice with some improv comedy, throw in a pinch of therapy for stressed-out DIYers and you get – tuh-DAH! – Remodel Revolution. It’s the light-hearted, big-brained podcast that’s fun, informative and hosted by a man with 40 years in the home construction business: Alex Guthrie. He will offer his expertise, give honest reviews of the construction industry’s latest trends and speak with guests related to you and your home. Whether searching for a new address or simply updating your old one, Remodel Revolution is the entertaining, informative show that rolls right up your alley … and into your garage.
Saturday & Sunday 9 am & 11 am
Sold with Updike & Pugh
One of the top-selling real estate teams in Dallas-Fort Worth, realtor teammates Jeff Updike and Weston Pugh offer their experience and advice for those interested or involved in the home-buying culture.

With personal tales and expert guests, Sold offers insight into selling or buying a home that could lead to less stress… and more money...
Saturday & Sunday 10 am & Noon

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Texas Weather Live Saturday
Stay up to date with North Texas' ever changing weather on Saturday's with an encore edition of Texas Weather Live. 
Texas Weather Tracker TV is your weekend weather connection.
Saturday's Live at  Noon and 4 pm